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  1. Product introduction page production and preparation(including product picture size adjustment, image, etc..)

  2.  Product shelf management(according to promotion or inventory of products on the web)

  3. Mall basic set tasks and regular store page update production.

  4. Commodity prices and category management

  5. The overall Banner adjustment of Taobao

  6. Through the design element to complete the planned designPost


  1.  Computer application-related majors or computer enthusiasts, secondary school or above;

  2. Mandarin standards, good communication and expression skills, with a certain degree of teamwork ability;

  3.  Computer operation is skilled, typing speed is more than 40 words/minute

Website store manager

  1. Responsible for the operation, promotion, and market of the apparel cat mall and the Jingdong platform. At the same time lead the team to achieve the project goals;

  2. Responsible for the optimization and improvement of the daily operation of the shop;

  3. Project coordination, position setting, team management;

  4. The monthly, quarterly, annual sales, activity plan, and marketing plan of the project.

  5. Team performance assessment, team member ability improvement and training;

  6. Daily communication with brands and platforms, analyze and summarize the current situation of store operations

Graphic Design

  1. Responsible for the photo shooting and post-processing of cross-border e-commerce products

  2. Responsible for product image beautification, editing, production, management and other work.

  3. To meet the needs of the operation and sales, combined with the characteristics of the product to create graphic and attractive to customers to buy pictures.

Post requirements:

  1. At least one year experience in shop art

  2. Has a solid art skills, a good understanding of product design and visual effects

  3. Proficient in using Photoshop, Illustrator, AI and other design software, have a good understanding of product shooting and visual effects.

  4. A good team spirit and sense of responsibility

  5. Good at product picture photographer is preferred.

IT technical support/IT(Cantonese)

  1. Provide technical support and provide solutions for customer and end-user emergencies via mail, telephone, or other means.

  2. Understanding and working within established service-level agreements(SLA) to ensure timely response to inbound issues and to continue to improve technical knowledge through ongoing training and certification.

  3. Inform the customer of the progress of the incident, product known problems update, alternatives, solutions, RMA, order and quotation status.

  4. Responsible for maintaining professional and satisfying relationships with end-users and customers by providing hardware and software troubleshooting.

  5. Adopt a strategic and visionary approach to troubleshooting and effectively address all computer software and/or hardware issues.

Post requirements:

  1. Computer skills, including hardware, software knowledge, installation and use, and strong troubleshooting skills

  2. Strong communication skills, with a certain degree of self-management and team management awareness

  3. Have MCSA, CCNA, VCP related certificates are preferred

General ledger accounting

  1. Review the accuracy and reasonableness of bank payment documents;

  2. Review the accuracy of invoicing, do a good job of accounts receivable management, timely and accurate feedback of return information;

  3. Responsible for the financial management of fixed assets of the company, correct monthly depreciation of fixed assets, regular or irregular organization of inventory work.

  4. To examine the reasonableness and accuracy of the company personnel

Assistant Finance

  1. Handle the basic affairs of the Ministry of Finance;

  2. Finishing documents, binding vouchers, input data;

  3. Handle superior arrangements for other matters.

Post requirements:

  1. students in the school, have certain financial skills, there is an accounting certificate preferred

  2.  At least 3 days a week

  3. Work seriously responsible, proactive, have patience.

Legal assistant

  1.  Handle the basic affairs of the Ministry of Legal Affairs;

  2. Legal documents related to writing and production;

  3. Daily table production;

  4. Other tasks assigned by the leader

Post requirements:

  1. students in the school, have certain financial skills, there is an accounting certificate preferred;

  2. At least 3 days a week;

  3. Work seriously responsible, proactive, have patience

Administrative Commissioner and Reception

  1. To receive and transfer calls in a timely and accurate manner. If necessary, to record messages and convey them in a timely manner;

  2. Daily hygiene management, attendance, water booking, reception of customers;

  3. Print, copy, scan documents, etc..

  4. Organize information, accept meeting room reservations, coordinate meeting time, and issue a meeting notice;

  5. Responsible for the management of the company


  1. According to the stipulated process quality and quantity to complete the daily call work, this job is not a sales type call

  2. Assist the project manager in some basic daily management work(such as summarizing data, monitoring project outputs, etc..)

Post requirements:

  1. Putonghua standards;

  2. With external call experience;

  3. With the spirit of hard work, there is a team spirit of cooperation.