Award and Recognition


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As a BPO which is fully compliant with COPC, KKH insists in providing excellent service experience and pro-active service manner to our clients and customers. Moreover, KKH also distributes our professionalism on studying and researching. By all means, KKH has been successfully audited and received the qualification of ISO9001 & ISO27001

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Best Company Award

2015 the Best China BPO Supplier

2015 the Best JD Service Provide

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Best Company Award

2016 the Best China BPO Supplier

2016 the Best JD Service Partner

2016 the Best China Internet Service Center



Best Company Award

2017 the Best Cross-Border EC Supplier

National New High-Tech Enterprise

2017 Professional BPO by


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Best Company Award

2018 the Best China BPO Supplier

2018 Leading Enterprise of China BPO

2018 Top 100 China BPO Enterprise

Global Footprint

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KKH’s Headquarter locates at China and it owns 70% of core business of KKH. China has more than 1500 seats capacity and supports Chinese (Mandarin, Cantonese), English, Southeast Asia languages, as well as a portion of European premium languages

The Philippines

25% of KKH business is from the Philippines. As the core of global Contact Center, the Philippines site provides excellent English language support and cost effective service to our North American clients. KKH setup a contact center with 300 seats capacity and operations for 7×24 available


Japan is majority supporting businesses in East Asia, especially for Japan and Korea. The 150 seats capacity offers outstanding telemarketing business in those countries